Three Reasons Why Google+ is Still Alive in 2015

Since its launch, it seems as though Google+ has had a slow start in the social world. There was an early buzz about its approach towards taking over Facebook fans, but it has failed to do so on a social level. The truth is, millennials may be missing the mark, but businesses shouldn’t be. Here are three reasons Google+ is still on the map:

  • Google+ is the Best SEO Tool

    As biased as it may seem, and essentially might actually be, Google is the largest and most influential search engine out there. It is no wonder G+ pages have exceptionally high rankings. First of all, Google has already verified the authenticity of the page, since they own it. Google favors G+ content over any other content on the web. That’s huge. Aside from that, Google+ posts and pages can be viewed by users who are not active on G+. These pages are webpages, so being signed into Google+ is not necessary. For businesses, G+ also allows you to use what they call +Post Ads. These can be added to your business page or website and, when clicked on, will lead the viewer to the complete Google+ post where users can directly comment on and share content. With the innovation of this platform and the benefit of page rankings, it would be foolish to disregard Google+ as an important SEO tool.

  • Google’s Indexing

    For lack of better terms, Google’s algorithm controls all. Google+ pages and posts get indexed faster than other pages, some almost immediately. Speed is essential for business, marketing, and in terms of the internet in general. Since these pages are indexed so fast, your content is made available sooner than any other channel, including your own website and other social networks. Google+ pages are crawled and indexed as quickly as they’re posted, while other social networks – particularly Facebook – have a wall of security settings that hinder and may even prevent posts from being crawled at all.

  • Interactive Posts

    Calls to Action are important to use in marketing content. Google+ Interactive Posts implement this in an innovative feature that allows you to embed a clickable CAT in a post (i.e. subscribe, sign up, share, add to cart, bookmark, etc.). This feature can be carried over to mobile apps also, though a bit more complicated. Interactive posts are extremely versatile and can be used for almost any type of CAT. When embedding a CAT in a post, Google gives you a list of labels to choose from. Google also translates these buttons for international postings so even users viewing your content in a different language will see the translated CAT button. This is essentially creating a one-stop-shop from your G+ post directly to conversion. As you can imagine, this is a huge benefit to business pages.

Don’t give up on Google+ just yet, especially if you have business to attend to. Explore these and other features so you don’t miss out on the benefits of this platform.

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